Chocolate Chip Pecan/                    Chocolate Chip

Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies 


Classic Snickerdoodle

A delicious spin on a classic


Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

A decadent Dark Chocolate Cookie 


Double Chocolate                                  Espresso

A Chocolate and Coffee Lovers Dream  


 Gluten Free Coconut                         Macaroon with a Dark                   Chocolate  Drizzle

A little piece of heaven


 Peanut Butter                                     (Can add Chocolate Chips) 

A light and airy Peanut Butter Cookie


  Chocolate Peanut Butter                       Cup Cookie 

A chocolate cookie with mini peanut                  butter cups


  Brown Butter Toffee 

A Browned Butter Cookie with Dark          and Milk Chocolate Toffee chunks 


 Meyer Lemon Crinkle Cookie

Light and Refreshing Lemon Cookie


Specialty Cookies

Skillet Cookie Cake

10 in skillet cookie with vanilla

buttercream border


Custom Sugar Cookies

Soft sugar cookies with buttercream             icing 


Shortbread Cookies

* lemon



Scones (8 per order)

* Chocolate Chip

* Butter Pecan

*Olliloberry  Lime

* Fresh Strawberry 

* Lemon Blueberry

* Gluten Free available $18.00 for 8  


What our customers are saying

Such an awesome reliable company! Wonderful customer service. Highly recommended to parents who want to send their daughter or son a little sweet treat. They deliver to Cal Poly.

Kimberly Piazza Velez